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北京协和医院是集医疗、教学、科研于一体的现代化综合三级甲等医院,是国家卫生健康委指定的全国疑难重症诊治指导中心,最早承担高干保健和外宾医疗任务的医院之一,也是高等医学教育和住院医师规范化培训国家级示范基地,临床医学研究和技术创新的国家级核心基地。以学科齐全、技术力量雄厚、特色专科突出、多学科综合优势强大享誉海内外。在复旦大学医院管理研究所公布的 “中国医院排行榜”中连续十二年名列榜首。



Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH) is a Class A tertiary comprehensive hospital committed to delivering state-of –the art clinical care, innovative scientific research and rigorous medical education. It is designated by the National Health Commission as one of the national referral centers offering diagnostic and therapeutic care of complex and rare disorders, national demonstrative bases for higher medical education and standardized residency training, core national for clinical research and technological innovation, as well as one of the earliest Chinese hospitals offering medical care to senior leaders and foreign patients. PUMCH enjoys high reputation for its full range of disciplines, cutting-edge technologies and outstanding specialties. According to “China’s Hospital Rankings” released by Hospital Management Institute, Fudan University, PUMCH has topped the ranking for consecutively 12 years.


The International Medical Services (IMS) of PUMCH, since its birth in 1951, has been dedicated to offering high-quality medical services to embassy staff and other international friends who work, study, travel and live in China. To provide international patients with convenient medical services, IMS set up one special appointment line for embassies (69154588)and one for international friends(69156699-2). International friends can download the PUMCH official APP for making an appointment online on the IMS English interface or have your Chinese friends help you make an appointment by adding your information to the patients list on their APP.


We provide high-quality medical services 24/7 to protect your health.

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